Targeted Lung Health Checks

Lung Health Checks

Lung Health Checks are currently being offered to eligible patients in our practice as part of the Newcastle Gateshead Targeted Lung Health Checks Programme.


Patients aged between 55 and 75 who have ever smoked will be invited to a Lung Health Check. Lung cancer is typically diagnosed at a late stage when it can be difficult to treat. In 2018, 23.5% of lung cancers diagnosed were found at Stage 3 and 45.6% at Stage 4 in Newcastle and Gateshead. Less than 25% of lung cancers diagnosed were found at either Stage 1 or 2. The Lung Health Check Programme’s primary aim is to find early-stage lung cancers by identifying patients at higher risk of developing lung cancer and offering them a low dose CT scan (LDCT). If we see similar results to Manchester, more than 8 out of every 10 cancers we find will be found at Stage 1 or 2, and we will have the opportunity to offer potentially curative treatment to patients.

What happens at a Lung Health Check?

The patient will be asked a series of questions about their smoking history, lifestyle and current health and wellbeing. Two risk assessments will be completed. If the patient meets a certain risk threshold on either of the risk assessments, they will be offered a low dose CT scan. The CT scan will take place on a mobile scanner which moves around a set number of locations in Newcastle and Gateshead.


For more information, please watch the video Lung Health Checks in Newcastle and Gateshead and visit Northern Cancer Alliance.